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A-440 Piano Tuning

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Kamloops Piano Tuning Grand Pianos

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Ke Farrar Tuning a Piano
Ken Farrar Piano Technician

About Us

Piano Service Experience

We have over 50 years experience tuning and repairing all major brands of pianos. I began my career tuning, repairing, and rebuilding pianos at the age of 15 and worked on all models of pianos  Later in my career, I worked for Baldwin, Kawai and Yamaha Canada.

Formal Training

I was originaly  trained by my father Les Farrar and later by Yamaha Canada. My instruction included piano tuning, repair, action regulation,  rebuilding and refinishing. As a result of this comprehensive training, I am able to find the most efficient way to bring out the best performance in your instrument.

Ken Farrar also has another life long passion.

Please visit the link below to see his paintings

Over 50 Years Of Servicing The Greater Kamloops And B.C. Interior
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